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Author Topic: Sedum bithynicum vs. Sedum hispanicum  (Read 1702 times)

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Sedum bithynicum vs. Sedum hispanicum
« on: August 26, 2011, 01:11:11 PM »
The present message is a reaction to information
passed to me by Marek Chaloupka.
A Czech Sedum grower tried to persuade him
that the Sedum hispanicum occurring in Durmitor
is Sedum pallidum var. bithynicum in reality
because of its floriferous habit.
It is nonsense. The situation is as follows.

Sedum hispanicum L.
=Sedum glaucum Waldst.  &  Kit. non Sedum glaucum Lam. nom. illeg.
Flowers hexamerous. Ripe follicles spreading.
The types represent annual plants occurring in southern Europe.
Nevertheless, perennial plants occurring in the mountains of
western Balkan peninsula exist and are in cultivation.

For unknown reasons, the botanists treat he Linnaean plant as annual despite
Linnaeus denoted it as perennial and so did Dillenius whose description was
explicitly referred to by Linnaeus.

Sedum pallidum M.Bieb. subsp. pallidum
Annual plants occurring in eastern Europe and Asia Minor.

Sedum pallidum M.Bieb.  subsp. bithynicum ( Boiss.  ) V.V.Byalt
==Sedum bithynicum Boiss.
==Sedum glaucum Waldst.  &  Kit. var. bithynicum ( Boiss. ) Boiss.
==Sedum pallidum M.Bieb.  var. bithynicum ( Boiss. ) Chamberlain
Flowers pentamerous. Ripe follicles upright.
Perennial plants occurring solely in Asia Minor.

Nomenclatural remarks
The binomial Sedum glaucum was at first published by Lamarck. But
Sedum glaucum Lam. 1779
is superfluous and therefore illegitimate
because Lamarck explicitly included Sedum dasyphyllum L.
Therefore Waldstein and Kitaibel could use the binomial for another taxon
Sedum glaucum Waldst. & Kit. 1805.
So Sedum glaucum Lam. 1779 nom. illeg. is
a homotypic synonym of Sedum dasyphyllum L.
and Sedum glaucum Waldst.  &  Kit. 1805
a heterotypic synonym of Sedum hispanicum L.
if  Sedum glaucum Waldst.  &  Kit. and Sedum hispanicum L.
are considered to be conspecific.
The combinations
Sedum glaucum Haw. 1812
Sedum glaucum Sm. 1824
Sedum glaucum Ten. 1831
are later homonyms and therefore illegitimate.

All important botanist treat the perennial plants occurring in the western
Balkan peninsula and the annual Sedum hispanicum L.
as conspecific. It is certainly impractical for gardening purposes.
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