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Author Topic: Mystery ID request - Ornithogalum  (Read 96 times)


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Mystery ID request - Ornithogalum
« on: February 20, 2021, 01:27:10 PM »
I'm hoping someone can help with an identification.
This mystery bulb came in a pack of Galanthus elwesii.
I think it's a Scillia and the closest I can find is Scillia mischtschenkoana. Although it doesn't look exactly like photos I can find.
The timing of flowering seems right. But even with white flowered ones, they seem to have blue strips, not the green strips on mine.

I'm also wondering, if this bulb could have been accidentally collected from the wild with snowdrops?
The distribution of Scillia mischtschenkoana doesn't appear to quite reach Turkey, where G. elwesii are collected. But it does occur in Georgia where G. woronowii is wild collected and this pack did have a few stray G. woronowii as well. Certainly the bulb was about the size and look of a snowdrop. So if they occur in the same habitat (do they ?), then it's possible.

I know it could have also just got mixed up with the snowdrops in Holland when packed. But how likely is this? Scillia mischtschenkoana isn't something I see in garden centres (at least here in the UK). Also, this doesn't look identical to other pictures I can find of this species (if it is?), so I'm thinking it's not a mass produced clone.

So any help with ID and any thoughts on if it was wild collected or a cultivated clone would be greatfully received.
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Maggi Young

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Re: Mystery Scillia ID request
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2021, 03:03:45 PM »
Hi Phil, That's an ornithogalum of some  sort - though I cannot  guess which, sorry.  Most likely  just  a  stray bulb dropped into the snowdrops at potting up time.
Margaret Young in Aberdeen, North East Scotland Zone 7 -ish!

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Re: Mystery Scillia ID request
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2021, 03:47:25 PM »
Thanks Maggi.
Yeh that does look a better match.
At least I had the right family.

I'll get searching the net again now.

Anyone any ideas on which one. Or does it need to get bigger first.

Just to add. The flowers open mid - late morning (was open by 10am today) and close mid-late afternoon (the sun has only just left them 4pm and they are closed already).
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