George Forrest Memorial Medal Winners - 2002
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Alan Spencely's Blackpool Show Forrest medal Trillium nivale. It is a super compact plant with pure white flowers. Surprisingly to many the winning plant was shown in a black plastic pot! Just shows you can't keep a good plant down. Judges at Blackpool must like small Trilliums because last year John Forrest won with Trillium rivale. - Photo Sandy Leven.


Fred Hunt with his 12" pan of Tecophilia cyanocrocus which took the Forrest medal at the Edinburgh show. This magnificent panful was part of Fred's 3 pan exhibit along with Fritillaria aurea and Corydalis incisa. - Photo Sandy Leven.


Cyril Lafong with his wonderful plant of Pulsatilla vernalis, which was awarded the Forrest Medal at Stirling. This superb plant won the medal at Edinburgh last year. Cyril certainly looks deservedly happy with the result! - Photo Sandy Leven.


Fred Hunt's Fritillaria tubiformis which took the Forrest medal at the Northumberland show.

Perth 2002

Fred Hunt's rare Trillium decumbens was awarded the Forrest Medal at the Perth Show on Saturday 20th April. Nurtured by Fred for many years now, Trillium decumbens has appeared in his exhibits for several years. The low growing gem now fills a 12" pan. In the wild it is found 'rocky hillside woods' in northern Georgia and Alabama in the USA. While the beautifully marled leaves are almost the same size as a norman T. cuneatum the plant is almost stemless.


Remarkable Double SRGC President Ian Young and First Lady Margaret took top honours at the Glasgow show with the same magnificent plant of Daphne petraea grandiflora which won them last years medal [unless they actually have two of these magnificent shrubs!]. The plant was fabulous, the largest any of the judges had seen. If Ian and Maggie count the flowers on it and tell me, I will let you know but I can tell you every one was perfect. The judges decision was unanimous. Congratulations on the 'Double'. Only one difference Margaret stayed at home so is not pictured. If you want to see her, look at last years picture!

At Aberdeen, Cyril Lafong's immaculate pan of Silene hookeri ssp bolanderi. Each large pristine white flower has 5 petals each cut into 4 linear segments which give the apearance of fireworks erupting all over the deep green cushion. The plant drew admiring sighs from everyone who saw it. Congratulations Cyril. This pan is one of the most beautiful Forrest Medal winners in recent years

GRAND SLAM FOR SANDY'S AFRICANUM Sandy Leven was delighted to be able to show his Forrest Medal winning plant of Cyclamen africanum to famed planthunter Jim Archibald who was lecturing at the SRGc Discussion weekend in Irvine. The plant is nearly 50 years old, coming from stock which originated in Algeria. Sandy bought the plant at the auction, 20 years ago, of the plants from Jim Archibald's nursery. Carefully tended and repotted it has grown in size till it now fills a 12" pot. The tuber is 11" in diameter. As well as the Forrest Medal Sandy's Cyclamen africanum gained an FCC [First Class Certificate]and a CC [Cultural Commendation] when it was shown to the RHS Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee

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