George Forrest Memorial Medal Winners - 2001
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Trillium rivale - winner at Blackpool for John Forrest (photo S.Leven)


Cyril Lafong's Pulsatilla vernalis - Winner at Edinburgh (photo S.Leven)


Fred Hunt's Fritillaria davisii - Winner at Stirling (photo S.Leven)


Cyril Lafong's winning pan of Sebaea thomasii at Perth (photo S.Leven)


SRGC President Ian Young with his wife Margaret and their Forrest Medal winning plant of Daphne petraea grandiflora
at the Glasgow Show (photo S.Leven)


Ian and Carole Bainbridge holding their Aberdeen Show, Forrest Medal, winning pan of Globularia bellidifolia. A tremendous plant which they have grown for 15 years or more. (photo S.Leven)


Ian Kidman with his sensational Campanula zoysii, the winner of the Forret / Farrer medals at the Alpines 2001 conference show. (photo S.Leven)


Sandy Leven's Cyclamen africanum which was awarded the Forrest Medal at the Discussion wekend show in Inverness. (photo S.Leven)

newcastle auntmn

Cyclamen graecum ssp graecum won the Forrest Medal at the Newcastle Autumn Show for Bob & Rannveig Wallis (photo Glassford. Sprunt)

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