The SRGC Seed Exchange
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Seed of over 4000 species and varieties of plants and bulbs suitable for rock, peat and woodland gardens is listed annually. It is collected by members from all over the world and distributed in time for spring sowing. Many if not most of the seeds are not available commercially.

In the opinion of many, the SRGC seed exchange is the world's best.

Follow the link below for the latest 2004 / 2005 seed exchange list which is now in the form of a downloadable pdf file.

The seed exchange service is exclusive to members of the SRGC. However, the list is presented here as a reference and for general information purposes.

For good practical information on seed sowing and care of the seedings, look no further that this superb article by Ian Christie in the Nursery Workshop section of this site.Seed sowing tutorial.

Click Here For The SRGC 2004 Seed List

You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer for this to work. This can be downloaded free from Adobe's site by clicking

If you would rather not down-load the Acrobat Read, it can be had free of charge from many sources. For example, any good PC magazine at your newsagent that comes with a CD or DVD will almost certainly have a copy of Acrobat Reader you can install.

Donating Seed

If members have seed they would like to donate, please send it,individually packaged per variety and cleaned of all seed cases, insects, etc to:-

Prof. Stuart Pawley,
Acres of Keillour,
Scotland, U.K.
PH1 3RA.

Don't be put off if you only have a small amount - it may be the small amount that no-one else has. The bonus of being a seed donor is that you get the Seed List sent to you automatically (All Overseas members will also automatically get the Seed List, but UK non-donors will have to apply to Prof. Pawley for a copy, an A5 size stamped and addressed envelope please), you get 25 packets free (only 16 if you are a non-donor) - and the Donors are given priority in the Seed Distribution.

Please note that the deadline for sending seed is normally 31st October, although if you have any "late maturing" seed that cannot be sent after that deadline, please send the information about this seed before 31st October, the seed can follow later.

You can also visit the Seed Distribution Site by clicking here, this is a new site where members can order their seed on line. Concerned members who prefer to order their seed by more traditional methods can rest assured that this is in no way compulsory, and seed can still be ordered in the usual way.

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