In 2003 I started the Bulb Log, as a one year project, with no idea of how popular it would become. As we embark into year seven you will see that we have moved over to the flexible pdf format. This has many advantages, giving me more scope to play about with the layout and also allowing you to save the file to your PC to view off line or even to print it out as I know some of you do.

The content will remain much as it always has been - a personal diary covering all aspects of the bulbs we grow both under glass and in the open garden as well as any other garden projects that I may be working on. I hope that you like the new look and will continue to read my weekly offering.

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These are the new, flexible format pdf bulb logs. Do not forget to visit the old format bulb log pages, six years of week by week experience and information, by clicking the link on the menu bar above.

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