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Hans J:

--- Quote from: ArneM on December 30, 2007, 05:09:25 PM ---Great Britain should adopt the Euro. Then there were no problems and fees for a bank because we could use an easy bank transfer with IBAN and SWIFT/BIC.  ;D

Back to reality: The UK did not adopt the Euro and so I have to send cash for snowdrop orders from the UK.

--- End quote ---

Arne :
It is not a problem to send a money transfer to England - I pay my membership for Cyclamen Society on this way .
The only importent is you must have the IBAN and BIC Nr. ......if you have this numbers the money transfer is free !!!
The easiest way from germany to send money to Dr. Mackenzie is money ( cash in GBP ) in a registered letter .....either you write any alternatives or he will send you the money back .

I wanted to do that this autumn but I was told by my bank that there were fees for the receiver because if he would like to withdrawal the money he has to pay for the change (euro - pound).
I hope my bank was not right and I can do that without fees.

David Nicholson:
Arne, it must be possible for you to buy British pounds from your bank, or perhaps from a travel agent. That way you are posting British pounds to your supplier who will pay it into his own bank without incurring any charges. Any charges involved will be taken into account by your own bank or travel agent when they charge you in Euros for the amount of British pounds you wish to buy. If you wished to send Euros to your supplier then he would incur charges from his own bank to convert them to pounds.

mark smyth:
When I sell photos to companies out side of the UK and they pay using my IBAN number I loose 12% in handling fees. I have now increased my selling price to compensate.

I would send cash in a signed for envelope

Martin the bulbs of 'Cotswold Farm' were supplied a well known collector who should have known better. Yes both are flowering now.

The Castlegar lookalike is 10cm 4 inches tall. I dont think it will extend anymore than this. Look what these two are doing. Maybe they are saluting Lord Lieutenant?

Hans J:
I pay for my money transfers to England not any fees !!!
The only is you have to send the amout in Euro ....
It is not correct if you have to pay any fees inside of EU !!!

Arne : go to the website of your bank - go to "Auslandsüberweisungen" -there is all written .....


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