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Author Topic: Pancratium zeylanicum  (Read 5755 times)


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Re: Pancratium zeylanicum
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2008, 01:51:02 PM »
Chris if You live in a cold country the houses are built for it and I am very seldom cold indoors in Sweden but I am often very frozen indoors in Portugal in the winter. Most Portuguese houses seem to be built to keep the heat out in Summer and since it never gets really cold one just needs to have a warm sweater indoors or the same jacket as outdoors.
I think the problem now is that many want to have the houses warm in winter and that is expensive and very inefficient.

Joakim, here we have this problem, some houses don't have systems to avoid cold and hot. i'll try to explain: Now, many people use to put air conditioned, or other systems. The central system to warm the houses is just being apllied a few years ago, in the construction of the house. But, many house don't have any system, and it is realy sad.
I give you an exemple: the house were I lived until a few mounths ago, in a winter had 9C inside. You can imagine how we were, almost frozen. That year we decided to put a electric system, that increases the temperatures during all day. But it was very expensive, and the bill of electricity was huge.

I also like very much the rain lilies. I started with some bulbs I bought a years ago, and now I'm growing some species from seed, what is very interesting for me.
But, from now on I must cover them (the seedlings), beacause the nights are already a bit cold.
Lisboa, Portugal

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Re: Pancratium zeylanicum
« Reply #16 on: October 01, 2008, 04:30:52 PM »
Chris luckely I have never had9C indoors but we do use a lot of electricity since we have electric radiators. 200 for a month just for heating is a lot of money. Luckely it is just for two months.
Interesting with Your rain lillies.
Hope You will grow them successfully and then be able share knowledge and in the really long run plants (by selling trading or what ever) if they multiply well.
Kind regards
Potting in Lund in Southern Sweden and Coimbra in the middle of Portugal as well as a hill side in central Hungary


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