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Author Topic: Sansevieria anyone?  (Read 636 times)

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Sansevieria anyone?
« on: September 12, 2022, 11:25:24 AM »
The genus gets a very few mentions here, but if there are one or two people interested, maybe a seperate thread is worthwhile?

I used to have a moderately large collection of species, mostly from seed from the CSSA, but also from Silverhill. That bit the dust a while ago but as the genus seems to have become surprisingly popular as houseplants, I started collecting again a couple of years ago.

The trade uses masses of highly misleading, often incorrect, names which seem to be misapplied by endless people selling on the Bay. The plants are massively popular, or so it seems, in the Far East, where many of the oddities seem to originate; there are even one or two posts online showing masses of plants at specifically Sansevieria shows.

I now have something like 12 or so (sub-)species, plus 3-4 trifasciata cultivars and hybrids.

The plants here are kept in growth most of the year although, based on the horribly desicated and scarred plants being sold privately, this isn't an approach followed by many. They are kept JUST damp during the cololer months, but kept reasonably damp otherwise. The plant that fequently gets sold as S. bacularis (which isn't), often as clusters of "fingers" in supermarkets as well as garden centres, actually grows more during short days here.


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