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Maggi Young:
I will post in this thread an article written by that master exhibitor, Cyril Lafong and published in the SRGC Journal, The Rock Garden, in Issue 113, July 2004.   
Later edit:  That issue of the journal is available to download HERE.

For ease of posting the photos with the text, I will add each page as jpg files, which you will be able to click on to enlarge and read.....

I also enclose this list of articles related to exhibiting from the complete Index to the Rock Garden... nos. 1 to 121:
Plants for an Autumn Show, Tod, Dr. H. : 41/292
Chelsea, Evans, A., : 63/138
Exhibiting, Wall, J. T. : 9/23
Fishing for Gold — Boxing and Planting, Leven, A. J. : 104/229
George Forrest Medal Plants, Tod, Dr. H. and Barnes, F. C. : 36/269; 52/220
Growing Rock Garden Plants for Exhibition, Livingstone, David, : 20/202, 21/344
Growing Rock Garden Plants for Exhibition, Murray-Lyon, Major General D. M. : 21/344
Growing for Showing Lafong, C., : 113/8
What The Judges Look For, Livingstone, D. : 68/256
How to Win Prizes at the Shows, 'Vide’: 37/330
Plants Most Suitable for Plunging and Showing, The, Crosland, J. D. : 68/252
Plant Shows of the Prague Rock Garden Club, Klima. Dr J., : 64/192
Prague Show, The, 1981, Klima. Dr J., : 70/78
Preparation and Presentation, Mowle, D. F. : 68/254
S.O.S. - Save Our Shows, Gosden, Drs C. and J. : 59/137
On Showing, Barnes, F. C. : 20/251
On Showing, Stead, J. : 70/48
Shows, 'Locum Tenens’ : 12/177
Our Shows - An Appeal, an Explanation and a Challenge, Tod, Dr. H. : 46/45
Show Rules and Schedules, Murray-Lyon, Major General D. M. : 55/169
Some Thoughts about Showing Plants, Barnes, F. C. : 56/237
Few hints on showing Rock Plants, A, Walmsley, Major A. : 8/98
Our Shows, 'Exhibitor’ : 36/235
Growing for Gold, Esslemont, H., : 86/84

All these articles are freely available on the main SRGC Website, from this page:     - as part of the Scottish Rock Garden Club's ethos of  sharing information to encourage  interest in and knowledge of  alpine and rock garden plants.

Back to Cyril's article..... here are the first five pages.....

Maggi Young:
five more pages of Cyril wisdom.....

Maggi Young:
third instalment......

Maggi Young:
and again......

Maggi Young:
now the final three pages....


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