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Here is the most important information about The Crocus Group - more will follow.

To join the Crocus Group you need to send a cheque or cash for 5GB (Or 10 euro cash) to Mr Tony Goode.  3 Woodland Road, Hellesdon, Norwich NR6 5RA. UK.

The fee is a one off which is only repeated when group funds run low, (perhaps every 5 years.)   We are an independant and very informal group with no constitution or rules!  Just a group of folk with a shared interest.  Overseas members receive one newsletter per year, in the autumn.

The seed exchange takes place in summer and to take part all you have to do is send a request for a list to the seed exchange organiser.  Full details will follow once you join.  Please feel free to contact me via email or Personal Message if you need more info.

  EDIT: Please see new notice re the Crocus Group   31st October 2015 :https://www.srgc.org.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2643.msg343924#msg343924

I wish the Crocus Group a long and influential future and commend the organisers on their energy and enterprise.

Lesley Cox:
All the above is true because it happened to me very recently. The only glitch was at this end because I ordered seed of very common species, as I was late in joining and the seedlist had been out for a while. Everything I ordered came, with numbers not names so MAF asked for a list of names (I'll include a list of species ordered next time). I photocopied the seedlist and sent it and they released everything except 2 packets of C. tommasinianus as not on the Bio Index. Of course it is, but mis-spelt, with just one M! More correspondence to MAF and I hope my two packets will arrive here soon. I referred them to "Crocus" by Brian Matthew, but they are a curiously thick-headed lot.

Paul T:

Did you get your misnamed tommies?  I find the Australian quarantine people really helpful myself, releasing things once it has been explained where the problem occurred.  Maybe I've just dealt with the good ones though!  ;D  I hope you got the rest of yours through.  8)


I helped this year with the Cyclamen Society seed distribution, and for the Australian members we included a list of seeds with an asterix against those in the envelope.

I will endeavour to get this method for Crocus seed distribution next September and then there should be no problems with the autorities.



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