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SRGC at Scone Garden Festival 2024

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Stan da Prato:
A small group consisting of Alison Hogg. Ian and Ann Christie, Jeanie Jones and myself will bring plants to set up a one metre  square pallet garden on Thursday 30th  May so the club has  a presence   at the two day show on Friday 31st  and Saturdary 1st June.  It  will be based on the well known  fishbox troughs  two of which have   been prepared  by Wattie Russell. One trough will feature alpines  in flower that  like sunny conditions.The other will have shade loving plants including  miniature ferns and hostas. There will be stone strata, logs and moss, not shown in the mock up. Different plants will be at the show.   There will be taller plants, probably meconopis, celmisias and taller primulas at the sides  and behind  the troughs plus an info board.

Maggi Young:
Excellent news, Stan et al - good for you folks making this effort! 8)

Stan da Prato:
Alison has prepared the info board to accompany the display.

Maggi Young:
Helping to build garden for SRGC:  Alison, Lynda, Stan, and Ian Christie:

1 srgc sign

2 thinking

3  'What do you think?' asks Lynda Crouch of ian Christie ( behind the camera).

4  early appreciation of the plants

5   work continues

Maggi Young:
Scone Palace Flower show display by SRGC -  Many thanks to all who helped.  Photos by Ian C.

 important pause for fuel = cake!

coming long well

nearly done!

 finished item! Lovely!!


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