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Crocus Group Seed exchange 2024


Maggi Young:
From Wim Boens:
"Dear Crocus-friends,

I hope youíre all doing well and youíve had a great gardening year thus far. Here enclosed youíll find the letter with the request for donation of Crocus seeds and corms, and the info you need to participate in the seed-exchange.


! 2 remarks I need to make every year:

!! Non-donors have to request the list to receive it!

!! Please dehusk and clean the seed as well as possible, If I have to clean all the seeds that takes a lot of time!

All the best and here's to a great Crocus-year,

Wim Boens
Seed Exchange Manager Crocus Group  "   

 attached are instructions for those in the uk.

 Seedex Crocus Group Asking donation 2024 (UK).pdf (135.52 kB - downloaded 32 times.)


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