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RCHS (The Caley) Sunday 5th May - Auricula and Primula Show


Maggi Young:
Sunday 5th May - Auricula and Primula Show

Scottish charity number: SC006522
Caley Auricula & Primula Show
Sunday 5th May 2024
Venue: The McHattie Room,
Saughton Park Walled Garden,
Edinburgh, EH11 3HR

Open to the public 12.05pm - 3.45pm.  If you would like to enter the show, you can find out how here:

In addition to the flower show, there  will also be a couple of plant sellers (Pip's Cactus & Binny Plants), a Caley plant sale, a pre-loved book sale and some children's activities.
Entry to the show is free.


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