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Aberdeen SRGC Show 11th May 2024

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Maggi Young:
All Welcome- Entry free!!

Maggi Young:
Alpine plant show and sales at Duthie Park Winter Gardens today - free entry, all welcome!  Forrest Medal for Best in Show is this Haberlea shown by David Millward!  Photo Ian Young

Maggi Young:
Some more photos during judging at the Aberdeen Show from Ian Young...

Maggi Young:

Haberlea and Lewisia 'George Henley'  one the Forrest Medal plant and one receiving a Certificate of Merit. Both plants from David Milllward 

Paris luquanensis - this gained a Certificate of Merit. Shown by Ian Christie.

3-pan class

Close up of 3 pan winner. David Millward! A fern,(NO! It's not a fern! It is Aruncus sylvester var sylvester ) Maianthemum  and  Epimedium


Maggi Young:

Rhododendrons, including R. 'Arctic Tern'  - best rhododendron from David Millward

Fritillaria camschaticum

Ramonda nathaliae  JCA 686 - last week's Forrest Medal plant!

Uvularia and lewisia


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