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Diane Whitehead:
I have pots of crocus seedlings from the 2018 Crocus Group list.

None has flowered yet.  How long does it usually take?


Crocus tommasinianus can flowering in the third Spring. First Spring, would be when they put up a leaf for the first time.

Vernus types take longer, 5+ Springs.

Diane Whitehead:
These are various species:  matthewii, robertianus, veluchensis and lots more.

I agree that C.tommasinianus is quite fast, 3-4 years here. C.veluchensis hasn't flowered yet and it was sown 2019.
C.abantensis was sown the same year, and the ones I planted outside two years ago, are flowering, another pot outside vanished, and two pots in the greenhouse haven't flowered yet.
Perhaps I don't fertilize them enough in pots, and in the ground they get more nutrients, though also it is riskier (because of winters).

Maggi Young:
Diane, for any species, three years is good, most will take four or five years  to flower. Where there's life - there's hope!


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