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SRGC Show - Glasgow - in Bearsden - 4th May 2024

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Maggi Young:
Next SRGC Show - Glasgow - in Bearsden - 4th May 2024

Maggi Young:
Looking forward to our FREE Plant Show in Bearsden  next Saturday.  Plant Nurseries attending will be Ardfearn, Hartside, and Macplants Nursery and our SRGC  members' plant stall. Don't forget the unforgettable teas and cakes!  See you there.

Stan da Prato:
David Milward's Forrest Medal Ramonda Nathaliae
 Class 1 6 pans Buchanan rose bowl Tom Green
Urie trophy best eric other than a rhodo Peter Semple's Andromeda
Simpson trophy for best orchid Pleoine grandiflora Graham Catlow
Joan Stead prize  for best primula P rusbyi Sue Simpson

Stan da Prato:
Cyril Lafong
 Archibald trophy  for class 2  3 plants  different genera one of which L tweedyi alba  received a merit certificate
Buchanan challenge cup class 3 for 3 rare plants
Diamond  jubilee  card  for class  A 6 small pans -all daphnes

Stan da Prato:
75th jubilee prize for John di Paolo's Saxifraga Snowcap
John also   had a merit cert for another Snowcap
Steven Macfarlane  received a merit cert for his double white Trillium
Barry & Cathy Caudwell had a merit cert for Raffenaldia primuloides


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