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Pleione 2023


Tim Harberd:
Just taken a break from a  L O N G  over-running building project. ... No one is posting pleiones this year!

I don't have time to set up a photo shoot, so here are half a dozen pots. Note the woodwork behind!!

Back Row Left to Right: P. Shantung ‘Natasha’, P. Shepherd's Warning ‘Mary B’, P. Shantung ‘Ducat’
Front Row Left to Right: P. Ueli Wackernagel ‘H169.1’, P. Harlequin 'Clown', P. Ueli Wackernagel ‘Regal’

Tim DH



I grow species Pleiones  outdoors. They are just beginning to push their noses above the soil.
Some should flower next month and into Summer.  My Cypripediums are in the same condition, except that they are in pots set in the ground to look natural. I can bring them into an air conditioned room if it gets too hot for them.

Tim Harberd:
   I didn’t think the Pleiones would have done well with this year’s weather. But a few of them have proved me significantly wrong! Both of these pics are of 14cm pots tho’ the P. Ueli Wackernagel, which is shaming me for having missed out on re-potting last year, has seriously deformed the round-ness of said pot, with bulbs hanging out on all sides as well.
   The P. Shepherd's Warning ‘Mary B’, bulbs look good enough to eat!

   I’ve had a couple of queries about selling this season. Its not something I’ve done for a few years, so I might get round to sticking a few bulbs on Ebay before Christmas. If anyone would like to preempt that, I’d be happy to sell bulbs according to the 2017 list. That’s a wider offer than I’d ever get round to putting up on Ebay. PM me (or email me on tdharberdATgmail.com, replace the AT with @) if you are interested in seeing that list.

Tim DH

Tim Harberd:
I finally got round to sticking a couple of bulbs on Ebay.

I’ve noted before on this forum how some pleiones seem to ebb & flow on a cycle of a decade or so. Happily ‘Muriel Harberd’, named after my mother, seems to have picked up again. Whether it will get as far as challenging the Shepherd’s Warning grex for vigour remains to be seen, but its nice to see it looking happy again after a long spell in the doldrums.

‘Ember’ on the other hand never disappoints. This bulb looks good for two if not three flowers. The most I’ve seen from one bulb is four!

Tim DH

Maggi Young:
Tim sells on Ebay as timdh59 - https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/timdh59?_trksid=p4429486.m3561.l2559


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