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Several decades ago, I was finally able to purchase a seedling of a long-coveted plant... Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. Sadly my inexpert care at the time sealed the plant's fate, and it ended up in that great compost heap in the sky. Many years later (and wiser, I hope), I had an opportunity to purchase a mature plant in 2021. The seller couldn't tell me much about its parentage, just that "It is from Taiwanese breeding. I know you'll love it."

I am happy to say that they were right! The latest mature growth is now in bloom for the first time under my care. Three buds matured to flowering (there was a fourth embryonic one that never developed into anything). This growth is also putting out two new leads, one a bit older and more advanced than the other, so I guess I am doing something right. The oldest flower has almost finished expanding, though the lateral petals may add a little more length. I've included a photo with a ruler, for size reference. (I would have liked to attach larger images but was unable to do so)


Paphiopedilums with unmarked leaves are probably the easiest orchids to grow [unless that honor goes to Phalanopsis]. Paphiopedalums with mottled leaves are much more dificult.

That's a beautiful Paph. rothschildianum, Gordon. Well done.


--- Quote from: Australis on February 04, 2023, 07:06:59 AM ---That's a beautiful Paph. rothschildianum, Gordon. Well done.

--- End quote ---


Thanks everyone, I am glad to have it in bloom right now, as it keeps my mind off of the horrid weather that arrived suddenly yesterday. Up until then, we've had an incredibly mild winter, so the visiting polar vortex is thoroughly unwelcome! The temperature dropped to -23 C last night, with wind chill values approaching -40 C. The temperature has risen to a "balmy" - 16 C at the moment, but the wind is still howling. Even the dogs don't want to go outside. We'll be back above freezing by tomorrow.


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