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Maggi Young:
SRGC 90th Anniversary Talks - Free to All!!
Online via Zoom
Link to be given later

The SRGC was founded in 1933, so in 2023 we celebrate our 90th Anniversary. Among the events the SRGC will be hosting will be four online Zoom Talks and the details of the first is shown below.[Details of the second talk, and two talks, which will take place after the summer, will be published later.]

Saturday 11th February 2023 - 7pm GMT for 7.15pm start

“101 other uses for an SRGC plant” with Sue Gill

We often choose plants for our gardens today based on their flowers, foliage or shape, their scent or autumn colour; but many of our plants have a history of human use stretching back many years, even millennia. In this talk we’ll explore some of these other uses with a particular emphasis on plants from Scotland or common in Scottish gardens. Discover unusual ice cream, which plant has the most common names and the oldest wooden tool known, as we look at the practical, the medical and the magical uses of our plants. You’ll never look at your garden plants in the same way again!

Sue Gill is a long term SRGC Member, who performs great service as assistant to the Membership Secretary - she is a dedicated, if sometimes frustrated grower - and this talk promises to be both fun and informative.

Maggi Young:
Here is the link to the free SRGC  talk tomorrow- all are welcome!! 

Maggi Young:
Fantastic talk by Sue Gill - full of fascinating and often fun info that wasdifferent to the "usual" plant talk  - cleverly done and well put together - thanks Sue!
 Next talk in celebration of the SRG 90th Birthday is by Ian and Carole Bainbrdge  on the making of their new garden - started about ten years ago and developing apace - on Saturday 4th March at 7pm for 7.15 - all welcome, see you there!


You are 8 hrs ahead of us; and 11 AM is very difficult! Is there any chance that the Zoom talks can be recorded so that we westerners can also watch them at 7 P.M?

Thank you Sue, for the wonderful talk last night. Very interesting and funny, I really enjoyed it.

About primroses as 'mayflowers'; I took this photo at Rubha Hunish, the northern tip of Skye, the first week of June 2016. It was basically at sea level, but on a north facing slope. I do not know if 2016 had a particularly cold winter or late spring, but that early June there were plenty of primroses in all stages af blooming, also in bud. But not only primroses, that place was a veritable rock garden.

About rowan; it features also in Norwegian folklore, much quite similar to what you described for Scotland and England. Specifically Norwegian is perhaps that you should never take objects made of rowan (tools or treen) on a boat; that was bad luck, and if you were fishing, at the very least your catch would suffer.  In Norse mythology rowan was associated with Thor.


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