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new paper on Chilean species of Miersia


Maggi Young:
Two new species of Miersia and their phylogenetic placements alongside the recently described M. putaendensis (Gilliesieae, Allioideae, Amaryllidaceae) -Nicolás García, Claudia Cuevas, Joaquín E. Sepúlveda, Arón Cádiz-Véliz, María José Román


Two new species of the Chilean endemic genus Miersia (Gilliesieae, Allioideae, Amaryllidaceae) are described, M. stellata and M. raucoana, alongside morphological descriptions, a distribution map, illustrations, conservation status assessments, and an updated key to all species of Miersia. Additionally, phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences were performed to inquire into the evolutionary affinities of both new species and the recently described, M. putaendensis, within the tribe Gilliesieae.


Miersia raucoana

A newly discovered Amaryllidaceae from Chile!
Holotype: @uchile

fermi de Sousa:
What an extraordinary genus with intriguing flowers! I'd never heard of them and wonder if they will be able to be introduced into cultivation.
Thanks for sharing, Maggi, :-*


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