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"The World of Crocuses" - Janis Ruksans

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Maggi Young:
I discover that soon this book will be available in Australia - oo- which will make life easier for  Aussie and NZers......
 from a post on PBS -
Janis Ruksans NEW book 'The World of Crocuses'

"Hi All

For those in Australia and New Zealand, Florilegium Bookstore in Sydney has
supplies of the new Ruksans book on the way

Peter  Franks in soggy Sydney
[soft Irish weather for St Patrick's Day]  "

Lesley Cox:
That's good to know. I can think of  a couple of people who will be interested, even other than those who will already have a copy. ;D

My copy of the World according to Janis, otherwise known as the World of Crocuses, arrived today. Amazing piece of work. The little distribution maps and photos of habit together with superb pics - hundreds of them- make this a must have publication. Thanks Janis for shining a light into all corners to illuminate this beautiful species.

Lesley Cox:
If only there were a similar type of publication written and available for genera such as, for example, Fritillaria!

Maggi Young:
The AGS bookshop now has Janis' new book in stock see HERE 
AGS members' price 41, non-AGS-members 52


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