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Maggi Young:
It occurs to me that new readers here may not be aware that the Tony Goode's Crocus Pages are also available on the SRGC site :  http://www.srgc.org.uk/genera/index.php?log=crocus

I would also like  to draw your attention to "The Country of Crocus" the excellent 'blog' of İbrahim Sözen, a Turkish  Forumist  with a particular passion for Crocus   http://crocusmania.blogspot.co.uk/
( it is not only crocus that you will see in the blog, though! ;)  )

Hello Maggie!
Thank you!!!
Am I allowed to save the PDF files on my computer?

Maggi Young:
Yes Daniel - we are about sharing!

I thank you so much for your very nice comliments and support for my blog ;).
I will be very pleased for me, if it would be a useful corner for croconuts.
With my best wishes...

Anthony Darby:
I've been pouring through these pages to see what would grow here in Auckland.


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