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Show and Forrest Medal Reports in the main SRGC Website


Maggi Young:
For  Show and Forrest Medal Reports,  mostly provided by Sandy Leven,  see here in the main SRGC  website :   and

Maggi Young:
A reminder that Sandy's Show and event reports can be found in the main site : HERE -most 2014reports are there now.

Sandy's latest report is on the SRGC Summer Event in Dunblane  and has just been loaded to the site:

You will see that Sandy mentions a hope that Olga can be asked to write for the Journal - I would remind everyone that Olga has already made several contributions to the International Rock Gardener e-magazine, including an excellent article on one of her subjects at the
SRGC Summer Day - Daphne juliae- in the IRG of May2010 :

Maggi Young:
Sandy Leven's report on the Newcastle  SRGC/AGS Show held recently at Cowell's Garden Centre in Woolsingham is now online

This brings  Sandy's Show reports for this year to a close.  See them all - plus archived  reports, on the main website,
here :   8) 8)

Maggi Young:
Remember to check regularly on the main site to see Sandy's reports as they come in.  The arrival of a new one is usually  announced in this section on the forum page of that show.

 Show Reports - these are mostly by Sandy Leven and  these are extra to the reports  in the Forum!

Sandy Leven's Forrest Medal Reports :

 Other Event Reports :


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