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Title: IRG 140 - Fritillaria rugillosa
Post by: Maggi Young on September 03, 2021, 12:20:06 PM
In IRG 140 August 2021, a new fritillary species from the Fergana Valley, southern Kyrgyzstan,  Fritillaria rugillosa (subgen. Rhinopetalum; Liliaceae) is described by Alexander Naumenko and Dimitri Zubov.

Second article  is Patagonian Verbenas - Junellia ( part 1) by Martin Sheader, a marine biologist from Southampton, who is known for a  great interest in all plants.   Dr Sheader has travelled extensively in this part of South America and his book ‘Flowers of the Patagonian Mountains’ is the most comprehensive photographic guide yet published to the area’s diverse and fascinating flora.
Click the link to download and read - it's free!

Kurt Vickery - from Facebook:

Fritillaria rugillosa (Rhinopetalum) Earlier in the year I posted pictures of a Fritillary that at the time was known as aff gibbosa sp nova ( was also in my seed list as this and so please adjust your labels) It has now been described by my friends Alexander Naumenko (discoverer) and Dima Zubov as F.rugillosa - Description can be found on the excellent 'International rock garden on-line magazine' via the SRGC website. Sincere thanks to Alexander for the material that has already allowed me to distribute seed around the world

Fritillaria rugillosa, photo Kurt Vickery

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