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David Nicholson:
Last year I ordered some stuff from Augis' Bulbs (Eugenijus Dambrauskas) and would like to do the same this year. Only his 2010 Catalogue is available on-line and he doesn't appear to answer emails-does anyone know anything?

That's what Augis wrote to me three weeks ago.

This season is very late in Lithuania and at present we have a lot of jobs in garden.The December was very snowy (more than 0,8 m snow level on unfrosted soil ) and ved very suitable for rodents - after snow melting in January I have found a lot of holes and remains corms. bulbs,roots on beds of Crocus, Corydalis, Tulipa...Seems that I have lost almost all collection of Autumn flowering Crocus, Siberian Corydalis and much of others... The picture and situation in my garden is very sad. I was forced to stop creation of my website, but I hope to do it in a month or two when I'll know what I have....

Quite a sad situatuion. So I hope that at the end of May or beginning of June his website will be updated and new 2011 catalogue will be published.

Maggi Young:
Dear me, that is bad news for the poor man to have such damage to his bulbs by the rodents over winter. So much snow over unfrozen ground must have been heaven for the pests.

David Nicholson:
Many thanks Zhirair

Kasun A:
Hello everyone,,

Does any one have any reviews or comments about


recently come across with his website and would like to buy some bulbs ,,anyone has comments?

Thank you



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