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Collectors References and expedition initials

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We got a Polygonatum sp. from the SRGC that has sprouted already.

It is marked CLD #447. Anyone have an idea who CLD is?


Maggi Young:
Hi, John.... CLD denotes collections from the 1990  Chungtien-Lijiang-Dali expedition.

 This ones data: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Chungtien, Lijiang & Dali Expedition (1990), China: Yunnan, NW: Dqn Zang Aut. Pref.: Zhongdian Co.     3550 m.

 The identification for this one is P. sibiricum, or so they say. I do not grow it so I cannot offer an opinion on it.

Gerry Webster:
A list of collector's initials can be found here:

Although far from complete, it does include CLD.

The above link is broken - see pdf of llist in reply 13 further down this page
"Re: Collector Numbers
Reply #13 on: February 22, 2010, 08:47:39 PM "


--- Quote from: Maggi Young on February 22, 2010, 12:09:10 PM ---Hi, John.... CLD denotes collections from the 1990  Chungtien-Lijiang-Dali expedition.

--- End quote ---

Maggi / Aaron / Gerry- Thanks so much. extremely helpful.



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