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Hans J:

Epimedium 2009

Hi all ,

Since some years I collect Epimedium and I will try in this year to make some pics of them .
Here are some from today :

Epimedium epsteinii

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum

Epimedium 'Sasaki'

Hans J:
here two E.grandiflorum forms and a hybrid :

Epimedium grandiflorum ?....knows maybe anybody this cultivar ?

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Coelestre'

Epimedium X rubrum

Luc Gilgemyn:
Very nice Hans !!
Epimedium is not a genus I've given much attention in the past - maybe I should...  :D  Problem : I have very little shade in the garden...  :-\
Did the K. Van Poucke collection already show signs of life Hans?

Hans J:
Thank you Luc ,

All the plants from Koen doing very fine ( much better than the Eranthis :o).....I hope to post later pics when they flowers ( again thanks )
I grow many of my Epimedium in pots ( some like more acid soil than in my garden ) and some are tender ....
They are really good for covering the ground , gowing under tree peonies .....
and nice companions for : Galanthus,Leucojum, Helleborus,Hepatica ,Cyclamen,Eranthis ,Paeonia ...

Great photos, Hans.  I grow a number of them and have been surprised at how they tolerate dry shade.  I know many grow in more moist conditions than my dry garden, but quite a few have not only survived, but really thrived in my sandy soil.


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