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Australian Native Plants at the ANBG Canberra

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Paul T:
Howdy All,

Some months ago I promised I would start a topic on some of the wonderful Australian native plants that are growing at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) here in Canberra.  While I was working there from April to June I had a lot of opportunity to photograph some of the many joys I got to see every day, and I want to share them with you.  Somewhat tardily, I am starting this topic.  I have LOTS of photos that I have taken and I am trying to work out how to handle posting pictures here.  Before I start posting I would like to ask a couple of questions as to what people would like to see in my pictures..... 

Do people want full shots of the plants as well as shots of the flowers themselves (where possible I tried to take both, as I figured there would be those who would ask what a particular plant looked like)? 
Do people want me to organise this around families, or just work through different times of year as things flower so that people can see the progression?
Is there any particular family that anyone is interested in? (I can try to track down and take photos specially for this person if so)

I haven't taken any photos in the last couple of months since I ceased employment there, but I will be commencing there again in a couple of weeks time, so I will be then able to start the progression of flowers throughout spring, summer and autumn.  I'm going to try to put up a selection of pictures from my previous 3 months of work, but will probably start to concentrate on stuff currently in flower once I am back working there again, as I would imagine I am going to have enough trouble sorting and preparing photos to post here then, without still trying to work through the backlog.  ;)

So, any input from anyone as to preferences?  The technical details for the ANBG are that it is approximately 90 hectares in size, with only around 40 of that actually developed (the rest is native bush).  It is devoted to Australian native plants from all over the country, organised into different families or places of origin in different sections (for example there is an Acacia section, Tasmanian Section, Rainforest Gully, etc).  Their website is .... if you want to look at the information there as well.

Once I work out what people want I will start uploading some of the pictures I took from April to June.  8) 

Moderators.... I assume I have posted this in the right section?  If not, please let me know and move it to wherever it is best.  Once I have caught up it could easily fit into "flowering now", but I thought as the initial photos are a few months old it might be better to start it here.

Simple answers Paul,
1)  Yes please
2)  Just let them flow ... please
3)  Anything and everything would be fine ... please.

Many of us will never get to Canberra, the ANBG or Australia in general, so every image will be a revelation.  Many thanks for thinking about us.

Luc Gilgemyn:
I second Cliff on this one Paul !
Just fire away and blow us all over ...  8)
Thanks in advance !

Paddy Tobin:

Photographs of plants are always welcome, I think.
Looking forward to your report.

By the way, I saw an extraordinary display of the most brilliant red flowers on a Eucalyptus at the Malahide Gardens in Dublin recently. As it would be tender here it was growing in a glasshouse.


I'm looking forward to seeing  your pics  :)


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