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A Local Oak Woodland At The Weekend


Perfect gardening - nature does all the work!  :)

Maggi Young:
Perfection indeed - what could be prettier - and the scent must be terrific, too!

Vinny 123:
Obviously no muntjac in that neck of the woods (yet)

There is a very similar sight not far from here, in woodlands that run down to eastern side of the southern end of Staunton Harold reservoir - fabulous just to sit and watch and listen.

Muntjac are quite a problem here; but Bluebells are very very common too. Not seen any sign of browsing yet. I will have another look later this week if I can. Wild garlic in full flower too in places.

Vinny 123:
I come from N Essex and Wolves Wood, actually just in Suffolk, has/had supposedly been totally stripped of bluebells by muntjac. There was talk of fencing and suchlike, but what it is actually like these days.......................


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