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April in the Northern Hemisphere

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Winter came back yesterday, it seems, that my cousins Magnolia did not
like it so much. Hope, it does not too much harm to the other plants.


About 3 weeks ago we got about 83 cm of snow.  Shortly before that I had set out seedlings of 18 species of 9 genera of Iridaceae, including several South American species.  Almost all of them survived undamaged. Out of nearly 300 seedlings, I lost only 12. All 12 had others of the same specie that survived.  All things considered, it was no big loss.  It is my experience that plants tend to be surprisingly resilient.

Diane Whitehead:
And your garden is automatically selecting for hardiness.

Extremely dry conditions continue in our part of Northern California. With record breaking high temperatures in the forecast for this coming week, we are spending a great deal of time watering and preparing for summer type weather conditions (June like) in early April. Temperatures in excess of 32 C are being forecasted for our area.

Small parts of our garden are coming back to life and are looking good. There is still much open space and rough areas that still need much attention, but progress is being made

Nemophila maculata with Erythranthe guttata.

Nemophila menziesii with Collinsia heterophylla. Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris are in the background.

Nemophila menziesii with Pansies, Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’, Nicotinia ‘Pricilla’, and Wallflower.

Phacelia campanularia, Erythranthe guttata, and Collinsia heterophylla.

Pacific Coast Iris with Erythranthe guttata.


At 3 meters in height, Azalea Idi’s Laugh dominates our backyard.

This is one of my favorite selections of Rhododendron austrinum.

Calochortus season has started. Calochortus albus is blooming with Triteleia laxa in the background.

Calochortus amabilis grown from seed I gathered in Colusa County, California.

Calochortus monophyllus grown from seed gathered in El Dorado County, California continues to bloom.


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