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A couple of pictures of saxifrages from the rockery. They are perennial, long-lived, attractive and easy, so it's important to take care not to have a rockery that ends up with these and nothing else! Looking at the dates they are about a week later than last year.

Saxifraga sancta. This has made a lovely patch over the years but it now needs to have its spread curtailed to prevent it overwhelming other things.

A S. burseriana clone I bought at the joint show in Kendal in 2016 (our daughter who was 7 at the time picked it). As sometimes happens in tufa areas it didn't really take and languished for a couple of years before I dismantled and rebuilt the rockery around it. Now it's thriving and has approximately doubled in size in the last year.

Sax house 2021

Some saxifrages currently brightening up the greenhouse on a wet and windy day:

Frederick Chopin



Primrose Dame


Cheers, Alan

And a few more:


Auguste Renoir

Red Poll

Allendale Jo

Donnington Manor

Cheers, Alan

What wonderful plants everyone they certainly brighten up a windy/rainy day. thanks for letting us see them.


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