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The passing of a dear friend.


Maggi Young:
It   is  with great regret that I report  the  death of  Malcolm McGregor,  a tremendous  supporter  of the  SRGC over  many  years and  a  wonderful Editor  of  the  Rock Garden for  many  years,  bringing a  new vigour  to the  publication.   Malcolm will be  fondly  missed  by  his  many  friends  and  his family of  course - but  also by  at  least  three  major  plant organisations.   Malcolm's  favourite  plants  were  saxifrages and  he  wrote  the  definitive  book on these  plants. He  was  also much involved with the  Saxifraga  Society, as  their  Editor  and  also serving  as their President  at the  time  of  his  death.  Also a  long  time  member  of  NARGS, he  also served  as  the  Editor  of  the  NARGS Bulletin for  some  years, breathing  new  life  into it  when that was  so badly  needed.
 Malcolm travelled widely  in  many  countries, he wrote,  he  gave  talks, he  even lead  tours - he  was  a  real live-wire and  great company.   
His  family and beloved wife  Monica will be  bereft  without  him - as  will his  many  friends  and  admirers and   I am sure  many  will join me  in sending them our  deepest sympathy. 

We  send  condolences  to Monica, their  sons and  wider  family - we  can feel your  sorrow  in  Malcolm's  loss and  join in missing  him.

Malcolm playing  with  his  first  grandchild

The  cover  of  Malcolm McGregor's  Saxifraga monograph.

He came to talk to our group a few years ago, I remember he wore colourful clothing and in particular his red glasses.  His animated way of sharing his knowledge with us was also much enjoyed....  I have his book and will always remember him as I use it time and time again....
RIP Malcolm....

Ditto Chris. When he came to East Lancashire AGS he came and had a meal with us first. He was wonderful company and a terrific speaker.

I will always remember him. When I wanted to know about growing Hardy Saxifrage  he gave me plenty of information.  My deepest sympathies to his family.


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