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Narcissus cantabricus


I'm looking for Narcissus cantabricus . Would someone like to exchange bulb of Narcissus cantabricus with me? I have Narcissus obesus, Iris lusitanica or Acis autumnalis to exchange, if there's someone interested.

Thank you.

Hi Jaime,
It's a bit late now since all my Narcissus (and other bulbs) have already roots and many has already started to sprout like N. cantabricus. Nevertheless, I would be very happy to exchange with you as I'm always looking for bulbs from wild origin  ;D

Thank you so much for your answer, Yvain!

We can exchange any other time, when in dormancy. I'm really looking forward for N. cantabricus and other petticoat narcissus, but I can wait!  ;D

 I noticed that my Narcissus obesus and N. bulbocodium are also coming through, even though they generaly don't  mind too much to be disturbed now, and generaly they recover in the following year.

If you want, we can contact next dormant season!


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