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"Erythroniums in Cultivation" e-book by Ian Young


Maggi Young:
It seems some are unaware of how to find  Ian Young's e-book - Erythroniums in Cultivation -  in pdf form - download via this link :


-and  at least one enterprising reader has has  it printed!

 278 full colour pages!

Jan Jeddeloh:
Any chance enterprising reader could tell us how much it cost them to have it printed?  I know it would be different on my side of the pond but it would give me an idea. I've thought of having it printed too.

Jan in soggy Portland, Oregon.  Is it ever going to stop raining?

David Nicholson:
Jan, PM on it's way.

David Nicholson:
A number of people have contacted me about the possibility of further personal printed copies of Ian's book being available- if this comes to fruition it would be the fourth printing that I have organised and is likely to be the last from this source. If anyone would like to have a printed copy made would they please contact me by email (d.avensisATbtinternet.com replace AT with the usual email sign) for further details by the end of this week.

I would remind everyone that Ian holds the copyright and I quote ""While I permit the printing of a single copy for your personal use I do not give permission for multiple copies to be printed or sold""

Until I am sure about numbers I cannot be firm on price which in any case will be the cost of printing and binding plus the cost of postage and packaging (by mail). To give an indication previous copies have been 32.00 plus p&p .


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