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Photos of Colchicum (and some other corms, regarding name changes!)

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Maggi Young:
The following  photos of Colchicum, Merendera and Bulbocodium corms are by   Dr. Dimitri Zubov, who has kindly provided them to be shown here.

We'll start with Bulbocodium vernum

Maggi Young:

Colchicum ancyrense (C. triphyllum s.l.), Crimea

Colchicum fominii (C. arenarium s.l.), Ukraine

Colchicum hirsutum, Turkey

Colchicum hungaricum 'Velebit Star'

Colchicum kesselringii,  Tadzhikistan

Maggi Young:

Colchicum laetum, Bashkiria

Colchicum luteum, Tadsikistan

Colchicum luteum, Tadsikistan

Colchicum szovitsii ssp. brachyphyyllum , Israel

Colchicum szovitsii  ssp. szovitsii, Armenia

Maggi Young:

Colchicum x albertii, Tadzhikistan

Colchicum zangezurum (C. freynii s.l.), Armenia

Maggi Young:

Merendera candidissima,  Azerbaijan

Merendera eichleri, Azerbaijan

Merendera greuteri, Armenia

Merendera jolantae, Tadzhikistan

Merendera kurdica, Turkey


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