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As I am living very close to the place where you might see the greatest Bulb Collection I know about, i thought it could be interesting posting now and then some pictures.
I hope you like this new topic.

 Overview Sortiment
 Colchicum hungaricum Velebit Star P.C.N. '06
 Narcissus Little Spell ...renamed later.... Mis Muffit
 Crocus adamii Bitschenag Tiger JR
 Crocus ancyrensis Golden Bunch v.T '96
 Crocus biflorus ssp alexandrii
 Crocus biflorus ssp nubigena Camb.B '95
 Crocus chrys. Saturnus
 Crocus korolkowii Agalik JR1

Thanks Luit...I'll look forward to more pictures. I'll be visiting the Netherlands this May for the first time (sorry to miss all the early bulbs!)

mark smyth:
Thanks Luit. Will you be returning as the bulbs come into flower?

Great!  Hope you get some sunshine soon :)
Interesting top dressing, straw for protection from cold/snow?

Paul T:
The biflorus ssp nubigena looks great!  Interesting to use the straw, although isn't wonderful for seeing the plants.  I am assuming that this is a commercial place and they're growing the plants for selling the bulbs when dormant, rather than as a collection for viewing?  Can you imagine all the wonderful seedlings that will turn up in that soil in a few years time, with all those Crocus flowering, crossing etc and then dropping their seeds.  Oh to go through there and harvest seed at the relevent times.  Some beauties would appear in the results I'd imagine.

Great pics Luit.


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