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Remarks from the Weekly KAVB Flower Show - Lisse

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Edit in January 2011: This thread is formed from the pages of previous years for Luit van Delft's musings from the weekly flower show at Lisse, in the Netherlands, of the KAVB, which translates in English as   Royal General Bulbgrowers' Association

When clicking this link: http://www.ishs.org/sci/icralist/49.htm  you will come to the ICRA Report Sheet showingthose bulbs for which KAVB is the official registrar.

Luit's remarks begin in 2008:

In this Topic I'll show you mostly pictures of bulbous plants, which I hope Forumists like to see.
This week I saw the following interesting items:

Colchicum triphyllum

Colchicum raddeanum from Sarayen Alvares  ski-resort in Iran (probably the smallest Colchicum?)

Ipheion Jessie, which might be the most blueish form.

Iris hircana, very rich flowering pot

Narcissus Orange Queen, a nice jonquill

Tulipa Abra

Katherine J:
Excellent idea, Luit! Thank you. 8)

Quite interesting, Luit! A good opportunity to become aware of some new bulbous plants.


I think this might be Colchicum raddeana in Iran.  We were lucky, it was flowering at the snow line at about 3000m.

Great idea - and you've shown me two Colchicum that I have not seen before already!

Ipheon Jessie looks exactly like Ipheon Rolf Fiedler ... have you seen that one Luit?


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