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A quite fresh one from end of May compared with beginning of August.

Such growth is just average with these islands. (Two and a half month).
more from August

Colchicum tuviae, ex Judean Desert, Palestine

Colchicum sanguicolle ISTE 36226, ex Antalya, Ak Dag - type locality, Turkey
from August

Colchicum boissieri, ex Samos, Greece

Colchicum kotschyi, ex Kūh-e Sendān Dāgh, Iran

Colchicum sfikasianum, ex Malea, Greece

Colchicum sieheanum - Erdal Kaya C3311, ex Iel, Mersin, Turkey

Colchicum stevenii, ex Gisser-az-Zarka, Israel
from July:
Merendera manissadjianii, ex Amasya, Turkey

Merendera persica, ex Semnan, Iran

Merendera raddeana, ex Kuhha-ye Sabalan, Iran

Merendera robusta, ex Semnan, Iran

Merendera sp. nova, ex NW Kyrgyzstan
from July:
Merendera androcymbioides, ex Andalusia, Spain

Merendera figlalii, ex Mugla, Turkey

 Merendera ghalghana, ex Teberda, N Caucasus

Merendera jolantae, ex Kopetdag, Turkmenistan

Merendera kurdica, ex Van, Turkey
Dima writes that these are "a valuable newcomer to my collection recently gotten from a kind Spanish friend, thanks a lot!"  - the Portuguese Colchicum lusitanicum

NARCISSUS / FAKE miniature daffs on EBAY
« Last post by annew on August 11, 2022, 07:32:25 PM »
I just want to warn you about this person selling a fake 'Miss Poppy' on ebay. He has also stolen and used my images without permossion. Please don't buy!
Cultivation Problems / Re: Deep square flowerpots for Erythronium/ Galanthus
« Last post by Maggi Young on August 10, 2022, 05:49:02 PM »
I think you'd be better with deeper pots- at least 13cm deep, for young erythronium and galanthus.
Deeper the  better.
 There are various threads on plastic pots in the form, though some are quite old!

 Try the likes of   https://www.lbsbuyersguide.co.uk/%E2%80%8E
Blogs and Diaries / Re: Plants, Ecosystems, Climate Northern California
« Last post by Robert on August 10, 2022, 05:44:47 PM »

Here is another view of the logging deck and the stunted conifers that are now growing at this site.

As storm clouds started to build late in the day I started back to the trailhead.

This is one last view of a meadow before I returned to my auto and Sacramento.
Blogs and Diaries / Re: Plants, Ecosystems, Climate Northern California
« Last post by Robert on August 10, 2022, 05:42:53 PM »

This area was logged in a very destructive and exploitive way back in the late 1970s. My brother and I hiked through the area after it had been logged. The area was a disaster with very few remaining trees.

Pictured is part of a logging deck, which dates back to this time period. After more than 40 years parts of this logging deck are still devoid of plant life.

A few stunted trees can be seen growing in the background.

This seasonal seep was at one time contaminated with lethal levels of toxic ionic species of iron and manganese, which inhibited the growth of plant life. Highly compacted soil, seasonally flooded, anaerobic, and highly acidic soil conditions were created by the activity of heavy equipment and the extreme concentration of conifer bark at this logging deck. These and other factors contributed greatly to the toxicity of this site.

Iron oxides remain where the seasonal water seepage flows.

Slowly conditions have improved at this site. Severely stunted conifers now grow over much of the site, however there are still areas where there is no plant growth.
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