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Paul T:
Howdy All,

If this isn't the correct place for this topic, could the moderators please move it to the proper one.  Thanks.

I am interested in information as to grafting Daphne.  I have recently got a few D. longilobata seedlings for the purposes of grafting some other interesting Daphne onto them from friends that have them.... what is the correct timing etc, and are there traps for young players in the grafting process for these guys?  I've not tried much evergreen grafting before, which is why I ask.  I am familiar with grafting onto dormant stock etc, and budding in roses and the like.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Maggi Young:
Paul, there are pages in the Old Forum:
and these links are no longer active.

and  also Ian the Christie Kind's article in the main website:
 Hope this helps  :D

Michael J Campbell:
Paul,grafting daphnes is fairly straight forward. You can do it any time from late winter  until late summer,although spring is the best time. Keep the humidity high until the graft has taken then ween them. I use a small clothes peg to hold the graft but plumbers tape will do just as well . Longilobata is a good stock to start with and should do ok for most daphnes. Try to get as much growth as possible on the new graft before the winter. Red spider is the biggest problem with Daphnes and I don't have any solution other than to keep them outside as long as possible. I am still looking for a solution to the red spider problem myself.

Which varieties are you going to graft?

Hope this is of some help,if you want more information please ask.

cheers, Michael

Dear Paul,
I'll email you the bit on grafting Daphnes by Harry Jans, from the RHS Daphne Conference publication.(that's easy as it's quite short).
If you are wanting more detail let me know and I'll email you the bit from Robin White's book.

Paul T:
Thanks to you all for the responses.  I'm at work so haven't accessed my home email.

By the sound of it I should be doing it as soon as possible.  Now I just have to convince some friends to spare some pieces or their miniatures (I don't have specific names for them, just keep seeing them at their place.... I will of course get names at the time.  ;))

Thanks again.


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