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Pacific Coast Iris 2022


Well, after a rough winter (temperatures dropped to -25 C here for a few nights), I am happy to be able to report that my seedling Pacific Coast Iris survived the ordeal, and have now made it through two winters. What is even better, is that several are now in their maiden bloom year, and I am extremely happy with the results. The first two photos are of sister seedlings of 'Wilder Than Ever' open pollinated.

The white flowered plant is from (Gravitas x I. hartwegii)x(Canyon Snow x I. tenax) also open pollinated.

It has picked up the colour of 'Canyon Snow', and the floral form of Iris tenax. I am really looking forward to what the other seedlings do (sadly won't be able to report on parentage of the other plants, as crows have made off with the plant tags.



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