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Cypripedium Californicum - substrate etc.


Hey guys!
know there are a lot of cypripedium topics right here,-
 I guess there is not a better place to ask for cultivation, substrate questions,
 Got my hands on a cypripedium californicum last year which build up one second shoot nicely,
 At first I used peat, quartz sand with perlite, - provides good drainage and worked good for my conditions,
 i was reading dozen of Hours about cultivation tricks, - many told to not grow wet, - other ones told to grow them wet all time with non organic soil, -
 Could someone give proper advises about cultivation that one spec in pot culture?
 I would try to use this year a bit coco, peat, seramis- with almost pure perlite content.
 If someone cultivated them positively- let me know about your secret mixture😉
 Thanks for advises!
 Ps. The attached photo shows the last year‘s californicum, one root tip was broken, powdered that one with antiseptics🍀

I use a mix of 1 part loam, 2 parts sand and 2 parts moler cat litter for californicum and other cyps. No peat or other organics. My cyps rot if i add peat, probably top much water.

Alright, just repotted them in almost mineral soil, I water frequently every day to not allow her dry up to quickly.
Thanks for your advise!


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