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Iris reticulata season - Hermodactyloides and Scorpiris

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Iris hyrcana, and easy one, more to come as 7-8 buds are ready to open in few days.

Véronique Macrelle:
do you manage to multiply them by seed?

Alan McMurtrie:
I have just updated www.Reticulatas.com with over 500 photos from 2020.  The site shows a lot of my work to-date; including parentage.  It focuses on 2n=18 Reticulatas since that's where I've opened up a whole new world of colours and patterns.  It's hard to know what is possible until it "magically" appears.  It's always a treat to see what opens for the first time each Spring.  In the past, working with 2n=20 species and hybrids, I'd just get more of the same -- more blues and purples.  I specifically tried to acquire collected forms with different genetics to what was in commerce in order to try to open up the expression in hybrids, but it didn't make a lot of difference.  More collected forms are available now than in the 80s and 90s.  At the time, White Caucasus showed promise, but since I was getting much more dramatic results from the 2n=18 hybrids I focused on those [see www.reticulatas.com/1998-101.html and compare results from the 98-OO and 98-NP crosses to the 98-YS cross which gave Holland Glory].  In recent years I have made some crosses (dabbled) with White Caucasus.  We now know Norman Steven's Halkis is 2n=18, and the Adiyaman Retic is 2n=16 (I'm surprised how difficult its been to get to bloom -- it seemed to do well for John Amand), and we have the stoloniferous Iris sisianica [which has been converted to tetraploid, but material has not yet been delivered -- hopefully Fall 2021; but it could then be 2 years before it blooms (i.e. Spring 2024)].  Exciting possibilities for the future...

Variety is the spice of life.

I look forward to seeing what SRGC members post in 2021 -- old favourites, collected forms, etc.


--- Quote from: Véronique Macrelle on January 11, 2021, 05:57:36 AM ---do you manage to multiply them by seed?

--- End quote ---

Yes and i already cutted spares.

Iris 'Alida'

Iris 'Clairette'

Iris 'Sheila Anne Germany'

Not sure about this one.  It came as 'Halkis' which it isn't.  'Spot On'?  'Fabiola' ?


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