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Maggi Young:
Just  received  from the  Hutton Institute:

Dear Scottish Rock Garden Club

We are researchers from the James Hutton Institute, and would like to invite you and the members of your organisation and community to take part in a survey about the use of growing media (soil or alternative) in gardens or potted plants. We understand that the current global situation means that many people are dealing with new and unfamiliar situations, as well as a heightened level of stress. Therefore, if you do not have the ability right now to take part please disregard this email with our best wishes.

We are interested to understand what people consider when sourcing growing media (soil) for their plants. We are looking for input from a wide range of recreational gardeners, whether they have a single pot on the windowsill or a large garden. All answers will be anonymous, and participation is entirely voluntary. We anticipate this survey will take no longer than 15 minutes.

We would be very grateful if you could distribute this survey to your members and community, and via any social media channels.

To take the survey please click here:

To share the survey via Twitter:

If you would like more information about the research please e-mail:


Michaela Roberts and Nazli Koseoglu


The James Hutton Institute is a Scottish charitable company limited by guarantee.
Registered in Scotland No. SC374831
Registered Office: The James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie Dundee DD2 5DA.
Charity No. SC041796

Nobody here would have any opinions on that ;)

fermi de Sousa:
Well, that was a quick survey - it finished as soon as I clicked "outside the UK" ;D

Likewise.  It's a pity those drafting the survey didn't have the courtesy to put 'UK only' prominently on the opening page, as well as on the publicity shot above, to avoid wasting people's time >:(

I'm also intrigued as to the identity of the 'British Horticultural Society'  ???  ;D


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