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Petrocosmea - information needed, please.

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Maggi Young:
I have  had this message from  Julian Shaw, a botanist working for  the Royal Horticultural Society.

"......I am trying to find out when Petrocosmea grandiflora first appeared in cultivation. Can you help please?

Why do I need to know this? Because I have just realised that all the cultivated plants labelled Petrocosmea grandiflora are a different species. And P. grandiflora is not in cultivation, except at a botanic garden in China. Consequently finding the origin of the plants in cultivation is an important step in solving this puzzle.  I had to carry out a similar investigation a few years ago with P. cryptica, which was circulating as P. rosettifolia at the time.
So any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Julian Shaw"


I know that  various  forumists  grow  "P. grandiflora" and we  often see  it  on the  show  benches, so I do hope  you will get  in touch with  Julian to help in his  researches.

This sounds like another Chen Yi introduction from sometime in the early 00's? She used to have a list of Gesneriads, I could probably dig them out from my email if needed - as well as the pictures.

Here are the likely suspects, I couldn't find the lists, but they should be in the Alpine-L or Arisaema-L archives.

Maggi Young:
I agree, Bobo,  that these  plants  most  likely arrived  via  Chen Yi.

I had a look on Taobao, but while there was some Petrocosmea listed nothing looked like P. grandiflora of cult. Knowing her I would guess they either came from somewhere in S Yunnan (+N Burma), or from around Baise in Guangxi.


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