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ian mcdonald:
I have recently been given a bag of Wool Compost for Seeds. I thought that the compost would be quite coarse but it is a fine texture and light in weight. I will be trying the compost for alpine seed sowing. The manufacturers are Barker and Bland, near Penrith in Cumbria. The compost is made of wool and bracken and does not contain peat. Looking at the compost it has the best make up of any previous composts I have seen. Previous peat containing composts I have tried over many years have resulted in the compost in the pots being either too wet or too dry, resulting in a poor germination rate. I would prefer a loam only seed compost but these are difficult to track down and garden  centres complain about the weight of the soil composts.

Maggi Young:
Sounds promising, Ian. We'll look forward to seeing the results and hearing your conclusions.

ian mcdonald:
I have found out that the composts are made by Dalefoot. There is a list of stockists on their site.

I have used this compost.  It is very moisture retentive being derived partly from wool.  Itís very good (though expensive) so I use it sparingly ...

Maggi Young:
Message today from Dalefoot Composts .....

Good Afternoon Scottish Rock Garden Club,

Iím new to Dalefoot composts and Iím just updating our CRM system and can see the north Cumbria group were at Rheged for the Home & Garden Show and so were we and we didnít get a chance to go and say hi !

So it was more of an introduction really, here at Dalefoot Composts we produce quality, peat free, organic and sustainable composts. As awareness of the environmental impact of using peat grows, more people are looking to peat free alternatives such as ours. Peat is not only unsustainable but also damaging to the environment as peat stores vast amounts of CO2, more than any of the worldís forests.

We are a family run business based in the heart of the Lake District. Our composts are made using wild bracken which is high in trace elements. Naturally providing high levels of nutrients, without chemicals and due to the way bracken breaks down, all of our products will feed for at least one year. We also use undipped sheepís wool sourced from our farm and other local farms. Wool provides excellent water retention while remaining free draining, reducing the need to water by up to 50% while the nitrogen in the sheep wool slowly releases all the necessary nutrients to grow healthy plants.

Also, we are now stocking Comfrey root cuttings! As Iím sure you know comfrey is rich in vital growing nutrients and can be used to create powerful liquid fertilizer. For more info please head over to our website Ė

We love supplying growers and gardeners with exactly what they need. We make an Alpine compost which isnít on our website. Itís a mix of our ericaceous compost, horticulture grit and bark which makes for excellent draining. You may have heard of it through Neil at Hartside nurseries mainly known as Plants with Altitude or Graham at Kevock Garden plants based in Midlothian.

If you have any questions or need any more info please do not hesitate in letting me know. We do a special price for gardening societies if they group together to place a large order. Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Happy Gardening,

Shona Duggan

Sales & Dispatch Administrator

Barker & Bland Ltd T/A Dalefoot Composts,

Dalefoot, Heltondale, Nr Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 2QL.

Tel/Fax: 01931 713281




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