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Tony Willis:
I have a propagated a number of these all from Chen yi ,so probably wrongly named but still beautiful, to swap. I generally keep them frost free but have tried some in an unheated greenhouse and they have survived okay. Also a few European ramonda plants.Not looking for anything in particular but would prefer gesneriads so open to offers. Some examples shown below.
Chirita liboense chen yi
 Chirita monantha
 Chirita speciosa g37
 Hemiaboae calveri
 Petracodon delbeata  g61
 Tremacron aurantiaca

Lesley Cox:
All very yummy, especially 2 and 6 which has leaves that are sooooo Ramonda-like.


The Tremacron looks to be correctly named, the first two look like Chirita but the rest I am not sure.  Look at the Flora of China on the web.  Are you sure the Hemiaboae is correctly spelt.  I think it should be Hemiboae.

The Tremacron is thought to be hardy by Ray Drew but I have not found it to survive outside here in Aberdeen although it does (just) at least in our recent relatively mild winters in the cold frame,

Can you spare a leaf or so from the Hemiboae and the Petracodon?  they look to be worth a try.

Brian Wilson  Aberdeen

Tony Willis:

the spelling is a typing error.

I have in fact left a tray of seedlings of chirita monantha outside all winter and they have survived. I only raised them to prove I could and so neglected them.
Another couple of species were in a cold greenhouse and survived okay but I have not tried any planted outside. Ray has quite different winter conditions to me, I think I am milder and much wetter.

Yes no problem on the spares and I will email you directly after the weekend. It is the Harrogate flower show tomorrow ands I am away walking in Scotland for the weekend,

Anthony Darby:
I'm with Lesley. They look superb. I tried a Trinidadian gesnerid I brought back last October but it damped off. I have a yellow flowered monocot which has flower buds, so that should be interesting? Wouldn't mind trying some of these hardier types in exchange for something you fancy Tony?


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