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Title: Clonal cuttings of Gentiana verna needed
Post by: Maggi Young on February 01, 2021, 04:46:52 PM
Query from  a scientist working at the Univ. of Edinburgh: Is anyone  able  to supply numbers of plants Gentian verna - clonal- grown from cuttings for  a  DNA project?

"Hey there! I'm a scientist hoping to get a grant to DNA sequence and assemble a reference genome for Gentiana verna (helping with understanding the evolution and conservation of Gentians in general) - one problem, they are obviously small and ideally I'd get as much leaf material from a single plant as possible to get a sufficient amount of DNA. I was wondering if you know of anyone who can/has grown Gentiana verna from cuttings so that there would be many genetically identical clones of the same plant? I dont know if you know someone who could help me with this or whether you would be able to put a tweet out asking if anyone has grown G. verna from cuttings successfully or even better, currently has many plants grown from the same individual but that would be amazing!

Thanks, Dr. Rishi De-Kayne "          rishidek(AT)

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