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Maggi Young:
It has been mentioned that most of the photos on the new forum are very small, shown in "thumbnail" size. The forum setup is, generally, arranged to show pictures in this small, "preview" type way when a page is opened.
This has several advantages. It makes each page file smaller and therefore quicker to upload... a feature especially appreciated by those using dial-up rather than broadband connections.
This also allows anyone wanting a quick browse through the page to get a flavour of the photographs, then they need only enlarge those they are keen to see more of.
AND ...THIS IS THE POINT AT ISSUE : The thumbnails you see are just that.. they are mini previews: left click once with your mouse on the photo or the file name below it and the photo will be displayed at its full size.
There is no way to enlarge the forumists ID photos, as far as I know, which, in most of our cases, is probably just as well!!

The Scottish Rock Garden Club Web Team is pleased to announce that a feature to allow automatic resizing of photographs loaded to the SRGC Forum has been added. This will remove the need for forumists to resize photos before posting.

We hope this will encourage posting from those who found resizing difficult or time-consuming.

Many thanks to Fred C. our wonderful Forum Admin for this facility.

Further update  ..... A reminder about posting photos
  the SRGC Forum has undergone some changes recently and if using the  (attachimg=1)  code ( " inline full-size image option" )  - with the square brackets (rather than the ones I've used to allow you to see without confusing the system with code) it is possible to attach  larger photo sizes which will be automatically resized to the page and open in the  text box.

These are  the square  brackets  [  ]

 8) 8)

This screengrab shows what a post will look like when this method is  used to add photos in the text - using pretty much any device it seems, i-pad, smartphone, whatever! [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

mark smyth:
I'm happy with the thumnails. The larger image appears very quickly, another click send it back to athumbnail and one moves on to the next

Maggi Young:
Thanks, Mark, that's the reasoned approach.

Maggi Young:
Hello, just a note to remind everyone that the photos shown in the forum pages are merely thumbnails... to see a full sized version of any pic, just click on the picture and a larger version will open for you to see the image more clearly.
Example, [ Guests cannot view attachments ] shows a thumbnail shot... click on the picture to see the full horror of a pink spider!
Clicked photo will expand to this size :

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
Expanded photo may be larger or smaller than this example but will always give you a clearer image than the thumbnail.

This shows how the text of  a post like this will look before posting ....

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Maggi Young:
A point about using "Photobucket" to upload photos to the Forum:

    Photobucket- problems with picture display
on: 30th December 2008  at 10:45:24 AM    

 From Andrew:

--- Quote ---I have just come to a topic that is a month old and the pictures that have been posted are not there because the user has used photobucket and the pictures have been deleted or moved on photobucket.

I have also had this with a topic that was a couple of months old. One of the great features of this site is being able to search previous posts and find photos for comparision.

So can all users of photobucket consider its use please, are you still going to be using/have access to it in one/two/ten years time, is photobucket still going to be around, do you have backups of all your photos elsewhere ?

Other users upload photos to forum directly, it is not hard and they will hopefully be around for a long time to come.

I suspect it is going too far to call for a ban on photobuckets use, Maggi ?

Rant over, thank you for reading, I hope you can see where I am coming from  .
--- End quote ---

My reply:

A good point, Andrew. I have noticed this problem on other sites and was aware that it could happen here....though happily it is rare.
As Andrew says, it is not hard to upload photos to the Forum and if users would be good enough to use other methods than Photobucket, that would be much appreciated.

If anyone has uploaded photos by that route, could they perhaps look back at their posts to check that the pix are still visible and possibly repost them by other means. Posts are available to modify without lmit of time , so the original post can easily be amended.

Andrew, and others, is you would be so kind as to inform me of threads/posts where you come across this problem, I will be pleased to contact the Posters to see if they can re-post.



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