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Maggi Young:
 Do you regularly read the Forum or the Bulb Log ? Do you really enjoy visiting the Forum and have registered to enable you to take part?  Do you just come here as a happy "Lurker" to read and enjoy the Forum?
Here is a request to those of you reading this who are not fully paid up members of the Scottish Rock Garden Club, but who nevertheless are able to search these pages and benefit from them:
Please seriously consider joining the SRGC....  it is easily achieved online, see here: 

As part of the remit of the SRGC to encourage the interest in  and knowledge of rock garden plants, the website and forum is (with the exception of a tiny area only for registered forum members) open to all to read, enjoy, register and contribute to the Forum.
Provision of this facility  does not happen by magic, however: it takes effort, and, as with most things, certain amounts of cold hard cash! While the costs of hosting the website and forum, (the payments for bandwidth and so on) are minuscule in comparison to the costs of producing the Journal  (and capable of reaching far larger numbers, it must be said)  they are still costs which must be met by the SRGC.
It is testament to the regard  in which the website is held , both as a plant  resource and as a networking arena, that the likes of Luit Van Delft donated  surplus bulbs to be sold from Cees Breed's Connoisseur Collection to make a gift to the Club in thanks for its existence.
Such individual generosity is both touching and very gratefully received by the Club.
All of the work of the SRGC is done by vounteers, of course.
I would like to urge all  of you who  appreciate this website and Forum to give thought to how, very simply, you might easily help to support its future.... Join the SRGC.... you will not only have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the upkeep of this place, but also you will receive the super twice yearly journal, be eligible to take part in the seed exchange, have free entry to all SRGC Shows, the chance to become a member of a local Group for those of you in the UK .....goodness me.... how could you resist?     

Maggi Young:
The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed a new banner at the top of each Forum Page and also on some pages of the main website:
  [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

This enables anyone to make a donation to the Scottish Rock Garden Club, via PayPal.

We know that many folks who are not members of the SRGC do find the Forum very useful, in so many ways and this is a simple way for them to make a gift of money to the Club in appreciation of information the Club and the Forum has provided. Or you may just feel the SRGC website and Forum are an integral part of your gardening life and want to show your thanks  :)

For whatever reason, we hope the addition of this facility will prove useful to those of you who have asked how you might easily make a contribution to Club Funds in thanks for 'services rendered' !

The PayPal system is secure, none of your card details are passed to the Club.
You may use it to make any donation large or small.... all will be gratefully received to help support the Club in its work online.

In this context I must mention the generous donations received in the last two years from Luit and Vroni van Delft and Cees Breed who through their donations of flower bulbs, raised remarkable sums for the SRGC Website funds. This kindness was fuelled by appreciation of the Club and the Forum and we are both proud that such recognition was made to the Club and that we have such kind benefactors.

Of course, if you'd like to JOIN the SRGC, just follow the links in the post above!

Maggi Young:
These quotes are from elsewhere inthe Forum... I thought they were
relevant here:

--- Quote from: Lesley Cox ---Re Seed Exchange:  You all, "over there" go the extra mile and even further for the sake of overseas members. I wish there was something we could do at this end to repay.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Maggi Young date=1328564688 ---Keep paying your subs, and find a pal to join too.... that's all we ask!  ;)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Lesley Cox ---I wanted to say, in regard to recruiting members but not sure where to say it, but here's OK I think since Maggi mentioned paying our subs and bringing a pal (whew, could hardly get that out without forgetting what I wanted to say), oh yes.

My January Journal arrived on Saturday and one thing that struck me forcibly was what a great thing it is. What I wanted to say was that while many Forumists both active and lurkers have great pleasure in the Forum itself, perhaps they feel it is not, therefore important to join SRGC as a member. I mean, maybe they think the Forum does everything. But that's not the case. The articles and photographs in the Journals add a huge extra dimension and double the benefits the club as a whole, provides. This is even more so for those who live in the UK or are perhaps near enough to hop over the channel occasionally, with the shows, discussion weekends, local group activities and all the person to person friendships that membership involves.

So please think of joining the Club and being not just a Forumist, but a full member if you are not one already. You won't ever regret it.

--- End quote ---

Maggi Young:
SRGC Membership - new  options !

SRGC subscriptions are due to be renewed in October  (unless you have a multi-year option already).

A new option is now available  - rate updated August 2017 - an "online" electronic subscription which is offered at 11 per year (12months from date of sign-up) or 33 for 36months (from date of sign-up).
Secure online payment is by credit card via Paypal.

For "Online" membership, which is for those who prefer to download the Journals in electronic form,  please register from the "Register" link at the top of the main SRGC Web page - - following that, when you next Log In on the main page you will be taken to a special page to pay for e-subscription, then when you are logged in you will have access to the latest Journals.

The process requires a new registration from the main page - any Forum registration you have is not linked to the main site.  You will be asked for your full name and email address to begin.

Online members will not receive Journals etc by post, they will access everything online.  They will be eligible for the Seed Exchange.

Of course, there is still the option of "Postal" membership, which is for those who wish to receive the printed version of our twice yearly journal and SRGC communications by post.

To Join the SRGC or Renew your membership to receive Journals by post, click this link

For those who are not members of the Club but who enjoy the Forum and using the facilities of the SRGC site, such as the Bulb Log, IRG etc we hope that this new subscription option will be a way to support the work of the Club as well as access the super Journal and Seed Exchange.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Club.

Maggi Young:
For Students the SRGC offers  a free electronic subscription. Send your application to this email address (Please give your place of study, the date of end of course of study.)


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